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About Us


Temple City Aquatics club was founded in 2020 by Davo Gharagyozyan, current director and the Boys’ Head Water Polo Coach at Temple City High School. Coach Davo’s aim in creating Temple City Aquatics Club was to provide high quality aquatics education to the community of Temple City, CA. 

Building Character 


TCAC firmly believes aquatic sports builds character in young individuals which in turn leads to success both inside and outside the classroom. Sports help foster the development of patience, understanding, and discipline in individuals. As a result, individuals become well rounded to deal with and adapt to challenges they may face in the real world. 

Family and Community 


TCAC recognizes the importance of families, coaches and volunteers as the foundation of our sport and community. Amateur sports teach many life lessons – how to win with class or lose with dignity, how to try your hardest, how to fail and try again, how effort makes a difference, how continuous learning fuels a rich life, how to set and achieve goals, and how managing mistakes is part of life




TCAC understand our athletes are students first. We support the notion of successful student athletes. Success in the classroom translates to success in other aspects of life. Great students make even better water polo players, and aquatic sports provide the structure and discipline for a life well lived. 




Swimming is a life skill that can provide safety and a lifetime of enjoyment. Swimming is a key fundamental skill to playing water polo. Good swimmers translate into good water polo players and vice versa. 




TCAC is an active Member of the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Image by Eugene Lim
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